Mixed Media; 19″x 21″

Trapped is the story of us. The story of me and you. Us as humans, living our everyday lives, one day after the other, hoping to reach a goal in life. Once upon a time, we were standing tall and strong like a tree, protected in our houses. One day, the virus, COVID-19, grabbed us and our dear ones, and put us in tears. The brick, the lock, the mouth, the tears, and more, are all symbols signifying the crucial aspects of the past two years we fail to shine light upon. We were locked in our houses, by ourselves, speechless, crying to meet, see, feel, and reunite with our loved ones. The pandemic left our mouths shut, our mental state throbbing like a finger pricked by a thorn with wage thoughts coming to mind. The piano in this piece reflects music and meditation. The leaves reflect the nature which is keeping us alive and giving us hope that one day, everything will be fine, and our lives will go back to normal. The waves show the ups and downs of life, displaying how we are all passing through our own burdens in our personal journeys. This gives us the hope that no matter what happens, we are all in this together like a colony of ants.