Acrylic Pouring on Canvas; Size: 16"x20"
Acrylic Pouring; Size: 10"x20" x 2 Panels
Acrylic Pouring; Size: 10"x20"x 2 Panels
Acrylics on Canvas; Size: 16"x20"
Acrylics on Canvas; Size: 24"x30" "Ghar Baahar Thaeraa Bharavaasaa Thoo Jan Kai Hai Sang" "At Home And Outside, I Place
Mixed Media; 19"x 21" Trapped is the story of us. The story of me and you. Us as humans, living
Oil Pastels; Size: 19"x23" Untangled - the freedom from a twisted fate. This artwork represents the state of mind where
Acrylic on Canvas. Size: 16"x40". "So Sathigur Piaara Maerai Naal Hai Jithhai Kithhai Maino Leae Shhaddaaee" "That Beloved True Guru